A pure javascript game combining an educational topic with a child-oriented theme

Spot the Capital.js

May 2015
Spot the Capital.js

Spot the Capital.js is a JavaScript based mini game which aims to combine aspects of knowledge and reaction time to help learning the capital cities in a joyful way.

It is created as part of a programming assignment in the time of my studies at the Cork Institute of Technology in 2015.

The task was to combine an educational topic (in this case geography) with a predefined theme which was 'picnic' for me. The gameplay was meant to have unique aspects and fulfil some other requirements (such as the use of a specific technology and the appearance of scoring). Furthermore it had to be implemented twice - once in JavaScript and once in ActionScript 3.0.

Even if this was primarily a coding task I invented a story to make the design theme fit better to my educational topic. The story is driven by bees and flies which just can be distinguished by their knowledge of the capital cities.

In the end my work resulted in a joyful little game which can be played with up to four players or even as a single player. The game helps to learn or just remember the capital cities of several countries.
The main challenge of this project was not just to use pure JavaScript (or ActionScript) without any frameworks or libaries but also to do it in a high performant, object-oriented and modular way.

The result was highly appreciated by my teachers and fellow student.

The game can be played here. The source code is available on GitHub.

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