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connect by grownect

An interactive mirror which aims to improve living together by making it more peaceful
connect is is a Internet of Things concept, which aims to improve our living together by making it more peaceful.
As a result it not just helps to solve existing conflicts easier through improved communication but to prevent conflicts in advance. Therefore it takes advantage of several psychological methods. The system continuously adapts on the users situation and behaviour or (potential) conflict situations based on learnings from the past as well as data gathered by a wearable in real time. The smart adaption algorithm lets the user not even notice that the system is specially customized but shows the easiest possible UI for him.

The main device is a self-constructed smart mirror. Equipped with a full HD touch screen behind a two-way mirror layer, it is well suited to be unobtrusive and natural in a home as well as fully functional when needed.

Additionally to the public presentation at my university connect was shown at the See Conference in 2015 (since 10 years one of the biggest design conferences in Germany). Several designer and business decision-makers had the chance to actually try it out there and discuss the concept of our product with us.

As part of my IMD studies, I was involved in this project in research, concept, interaction design, project management and lead development .

Team: Doreen Scheller, Nadine Mlakar, Tim J. Peters

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